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dying_insanity in saudi_arabia

I'm really not liking how this community is kinda slow, so thank god I'm a girl who never shuts up!

alright, I thought it would be cool to mention your favorite places:

-to eat (and DO NOT mention any fast food places because they do NOT offer food, they offer poison, pizza excluded)

-hang-out (your bedroom doesn't count, I mean what if I wanted to check out that place?)


-to lurk

and if I didn't mention something post it up



In my notice, this is your second post in the community, or may be... I'm too ignorant, pardon me! :P
One question! you asked the fav places in Riyadh, KSA or worldwide?
Since in in Riyadh now..
to eat - Lahori khabay in Harah and Shumaisi is famous for desi pakistani junk food.
hang out - dr cafe in malaz!?
shop - manila plaza, the guys at Livi's and hang tan store happens to be good friends of mine :P
to lurk - usually on weekends, the cricket playground besides the malaz football stadium. Used to spend whole night there playing cricket before Ramadan.
well in Saudi Arabia, but if you'd like to share other places that's okay

eh eh it is the second post, but I dunno it seemed like the community didn't have many posts, so I thought of resurrction, not that it's dead or anything, more like CPR.

-to eat: Tokyo restaurant on Orouba, it doesn't look that great but the food is good, been eating there for the past 10 years!!!

-hang-out: I don't hang out in public places, its not very convenient in Riyadh. Well, if I must I guess at Starbucks in DQ.

-shop: Nujoud center, Harvey Nichols (Faisaliyah), Zara, Massimo Dutti
LOL, I love how you exclude pizza. You are one of my favorite people now :)

March 2008

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